3D Modeling Work

Want to get the 3D model designed by the professionals? If yes then Engineering Manpower Placement is the name that provides the solution for your query. Operating from New Delhi (India), we are notable service providers of the 3D modeling work.

Our database holds the names of the experienced CAD designers that expertise in 3D modeling, machine designing, and catalog/brochure making. We offer the services on a professional level and to avail them, you can contact us on the numbers that are provided on our website.

Engineering Designing services
We are dealing in designing services also. Designing services relevant to complete machine designing projects like Packaging machines, winding machine and special purpose gearbox etc. We are making new and modified machine designing projects. All types of machine projects that are relevant to mechanical engineering, we are making with proper designing with DFMA.

Special purpose machine
Engineering design of customise machine (SPM) for manufacturing process making. We will make machine design according to customer demand, concept base machine designing. We will make machine according/bases of machine application.

3D model making
On the bases of customer/market demand is how`s looks a machine/machine parts is required. Using existing design 2D data make 3D model of mechanical machine.

Catalogue/broacher making
It is a Description/Menu of products a manufacturing company, that represents all the products and services of that company. For customer`s attraction a catalogue/broacher becomes important need. A catalogue/broacher is basically of 2 types one is general catalogue and another one is technical catalogue in which technical specification and mounting/Ass`y parameters.

Our services are very important for a manufacturing company. we will work through such a process be fool proof for of company technology/secrete/software/documents etc.


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